Defusable prop v3

The device itself is a plastic case (body). The desktop panel has visualization elements and device deactivation components.


How it works?


The administrator configures all the options that will be used on this device.


Password entry time

Correct toggle switch (deactivation)

Deactivation password

Time increase after 5 failed attempts to enter password

Timer activation code


After entering all parameters, the device goes into standby mode. The display turns off, but the device keeps running. To start the timer, you need to enter the activation code and press the enter button (hold the button until loaded).

If the password is correct, the device activates the timer and the countdown starts.

To deactivate it, you need to turn on 1 of 4 toggle switches or enter the correct password.

Once you enter the password, press the enter button and hold it until loaded. If the password is incorrect, the timer will speed up (the speed parameter is set by the administrator. The count rate is from 2 to 99!) After 5 failed attempts to enter the password, it activates the alarm. This means that the device has worked.

If you turn on the wrong toggle switch, the alarm will activate immediately.

Each attempt to enter the password is followed by a voice message (built-in sound module)

Moreover, the remaining time is voiced out starting from 25 minutes. Every 5 minutes the sound module turns on and reports the time.

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