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0.9 KG

Li-ion 6000mAh

up to 10 hours

230 x 110 x 54mm

1. Description

The device is a simulator that is used for various game scenarios. Activating and rebooting the device is performed using the button (key) that is located on the device.The display will show the current information and status of the device. Also, decorative elements (capacitors or wires), performing a decorative role, are on the external case. Also a point of activation is included in a kit.

The device has a small size and can have different colors.

The main body is a structure which has a display, keyboard, LEDs, a power button. Also, there is a socket for charging the batteries in the case.

Point of activation is a miniature device with the power button and a charging slot.

The device can be used with multiple points simultaneously.

2. Delivery kit

1. Main device – 1unit;

2. Point of activation – 1unit;

3. Cable for charging a point – 1cable;

4. Cable for charging a kit - 1cable.

Virtual physics and action. Terrorists start the game with a bomb in their hands which is inactive until the player carries it to the points on the map (marked with a cross).

Real physics and action. The device is configured in advance and waits for it to be brought to a certain point (indicated by a cross on the game map). The device is activated only on a point (there may be several points).

Virtual physics and action. The terrorists carried the bomb to the activation point and turned on the bomb. (BOMB HAS BEEN PLANTED)

Real physics and action. As soon as the device is on the activation point, the display turns on and the player (terrorist) presses any button on the keyboard. The opening password mode is activated. The activation password appears on the display. The player enters it. The countdown timer is activated. Sound track included (BOMB HAS BEEN PLANTED)

Virtual physics and action. Counter-terrorists find the established bomb and enter the password. Timer stops. (BOMB HAS BEEN DEFUSED. COUNTER TERRORISTS WIN!)

Real physics and action. Counter-terrorists find the established bomb and press any key on the keyboard. The private password for deactivation (asterisks on the screen) starts to open as a password. After full opening, the player enters a password. If the password is correct, the deactivation download starts. The sound track turns on. (BOMB HAS BEEN DEFUSED. COUNTER TERRORISTS WIN!)

Virtual physics and action. The team has a player with a set DEFUSE KIT. This set allows him to deactivate the bomb faster.
Real physics and action. Before the game, it is determined which player will have access to the DEFUSE KIT. This player receives a 4-digit password from the quick access menu. He presses the * button and gets access to enter his personal password. This action instantly opens the entire password for deactivation.

Addition to real physics and action. Acceleration mode when entering the wrong digit when deactivating. The countdown may accelerate if the player mistakenly enters the wrong character. The acceleration mode is regulated in the main menu of the device settings. The countdown can be accelerated by 2 times and 99 times.

Battery power of the device

The device has a built-in power supply for continuous operation of the device.

The type of battery used----- Li-Polymer 6 000mAh

The battery life------------- up to 10 hours

The battery charge time ----not less than 3 hours.

Battery power point

The device has a built-in battery for uninterrupted operation of the device.

The type of battery used-----Li-Ion 1000mAh

The battery life------------- up to 4 hours

The battery charge time----not less than 2 hours.

A simulator of an explosive device (CS GO). The plastic case can have different colors. The keyboard has 16 buttons and allows using combinations of both numbers and letters as a password. The device has a sound module of alert and built-in speaker 0.5 watt and a siren of 90 dB.

The device is self-activated only near to the point of activation (3-4 meters). It is needed to press any button on the keyboard to set the device to visualize the password. After entering the password you have to press # (ok). The password will be accepted by the device during the time which has been previously set (arm time). After that, turn on the countdown timer. The device must not be transferred. If the signal from the point is lost, the device will go into standby mode the timer will stop,the display will go dark).

To deactivate the device, press ANY button on the keyboard and enter the password that will appear on the display.

If the defuse kit mode was enabled in the settings menu it means that the player can bypass the time of opening the password and entering it. To do this, in the timer mode, click on *and enter the 4-digit password defuse kit.

Instructions for setting up and using the device.

Turn on the power.

GAME TIME. Time for countdown. Button # (OK)

PASSWORD. Any combination of letters and numbers. Button # ( OK )

ARM TIME . Time in seconds for activation of password and downloading the system. Button # ( OK )

SPEED UP. Acceleration of the countdown for an incorrectly pressed button ( entering the password when deactivating ). If you enter 33, then time speeds up to 33 times for an incorrectly pressed button. Button # ( OK )


The DEFUSE CODE **** Any 4 digits. Button # ( OK )

(to activate the defuse kit input panel, you have to press * during timer operation )

Our products are produced and sold for recreational and non-lethal gameplay and training purposes. Any modification of a Intelarms device or its components violates our customer agreements and removes all liabilities of Intelarms or our affiliates.