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•Model NO.: 1.7

•Type: Box

•Material: Plastic

•Color: Black/Grey/Green

•Size: Customizable { 230 x 110 x 54mm )

•Panel or surface: plastic

•Setup through numeric keyboard with digital display
• Built-in lithium polymer battery (at least 5,000 milliamperes)
• Autonomous signal emitter
• Sirens 90db
• Net Weight: 1.6kg

The device includes:
• Bomb simulator
• Signal emitter
• Charge cable
• User's guide

Virtual physics and action. Terrorists start the game with a bomb in their hands which is inactive until the player carries it to the points on the map (marked with a cross).

Real physics and action. The device is configured in advance and waits for it to be brought to a certain point (indicated by a cross on the game map). The device is activated only on a point (there may be several points).

Virtual physics and action. The terrorists carried the bomb to the activation point and turned on the bomb. (BOMB HAS BEEN PLANTED)

Real physics and action. As soon as the device is on the activation point, the display turns on and the player (terrorist) presses any button on the keyboard. The opening password mode is activated. The activation password appears on the display. The player enters it. The countdown timer is activated. Sound track included (BOMB HAS BEEN PLANTED)

Virtual physics and action. Counter-terrorists find the established bomb and enter the password. Timer stops. (BOMB HAS BEEN DEFUSED. COUNTER TERRORISTS WIN!)

Real physics and action. Counter-terrorists find the established bomb and press any key on the keyboard. The private password for deactivation (asterisks on the screen) starts to open as a password. After full opening, the player enters a password. If the password is correct, the deactivation download starts. The sound track turns on. (BOMB HAS BEEN DEFUSED. COUNTER TERRORISTS WIN!)

Virtual physics and action. The team has a player with a set DEFUSE KIT. This set allows him to deactivate the bomb faster.
Real physics and action. Before the game, it is determined which player will have access to the DEFUSE KIT. This player receives a 4-digit password from the quick access menu. He presses the * button and gets access to enter his personal password. This action instantly opens the entire password for deactivation.

Addition to real physics and action. Acceleration mode when entering the wrong digit when deactivating. The countdown may accelerate if the player mistakenly enters the wrong character. The acceleration mode is regulated in the main menu of the device settings. The countdown can be accelerated by 2 times and 99 times.

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