Smart prop




The device is made in a shockproof case with an IP55 protection level. Waterproof and shockproof housing with a built-in polymer battery guarantees uninterrupted operation for 16 hours.
The device is activated with a key. Players cannot turn off and on the device themselves during the game. Game parameters can be pre-configured and selected with a single click on the keyboard.The timer starts counting as soon as the game is confirmed. Players can deactivate the device in several ways depending on the options chosen.

The first method is to press the correct button. The device will deactivate the countdown and will report it

The second method is to enter the correct password. The password can be entered many times and it depends on the system settings. The administrator can limit the number of attempts or make them unlimited. Each incorrect password reduces the remaining time by 10 minutes.

The third method is deactivation upon bringing the device to its base. If this deactivation method is selected, the device will automatically turn off the countdown when the team brings the device to their base.

The fourth method is deactivation using a password that none of the players can see it. In this case, the players will have to take the device to a neutral point on the playing court and in that location, the device will turn off the protection and the correct password will be displayed. But you won't be able to enter it. The neutral point blocks the password entry console. Players will have to remember the password and carry the device to their base and enter the password there when the console is activated.

. The device has a built-in accelerometer and when it is turned on, and this will surely happen when the player picks up the device, the timer starts accelerating. The acceleration countdown and the acceleration time span are set by the administrator when configuring the timer.

That means, you won’t be able to simply carry it, even if you do it carefully! For easy portability, there are 2 accelerometer buttons on the case. If you press them at the same time and hold them down, the accelerometer will lose at least a third of its sensitivity and the player will have a chance to carry the timer.

The front dashboard has buttons for deactivation and other actions. Chaotically pressing the buttons, the player activates additional actions.

For instance, it can be a temporary stop of the countdown. By pressing this button, the player temporarily stops the countdown. He does not know how long this action lasts, but he has a chance to carry the device while the stop setting is activated.

Besides the stopping time, there is also a slowdown setting. The countdown does not stop, but it slows down as much as possible, as if it was a slow-motion effect.


The rest of the buttons are incorrect and pressing them only decreases the time. The time is configured by the administrator.

The easiest way to deactivate is to use a deactivation key. But we will not dive deep into this option because it’s that simple.

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