Smart prop




A device with advanced settings and several types of timing for teams.

This is a new product with original game logic and the ability to customize the system for different types of scenarios.

System functionality.

The countdown can be disabled, stopped (temporarily), slowed down (temporarily) manually. To do this, you need to select the button (0-9) or enter a password.


The number of password entries can be unlimited or limited. The system will inform you when there are 3 last password attempts left. Each wrong password decreases the time by 10 minutes.

The Slo Mo button slows down the countdown. This effect lasts for a certain time.

Acceleometer. The built-in module can be used with different sensitivities. Turning on the module increases the counting speed for a certain time.

External activation modules (points). The dots allow you to activate access to the password entry console at a specific location on the playing field. The command point can open the password entry console or automatically deactivate the timer. The Neutral point opens the password (but you can enter it only when the device is near the command point)

Deactivation key. Key to instantly deactivate the device.

Memory of game settings. Each last game makes a record of all settings in the device's memory and, before starting the game, offers to select the old game or start a new one.

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