This is the most famous device for the principle of action.  Deactivating the timer is through a wire break or dialing the correct password.  A simple system interface and a minimalist menu of the program allow you to configure the system quickly and easily.  A large display visualizes the system status and allows players to quickly obtain information about the remaining time.  This is the universal product that fits any scenario or training.

Technical information:

•Model v3

•Type: Box /Case

•Material: Plastic case

•Color: Black

•Size:  { 400 x 120 x 320 mm )

•Panel or saurface: plywood

•Lock : Plastic

•Handle : Plastic handle

•Setup through numeric keyboard with digital display( membrane or buttons keypad )
• Built-in lithium polymer battery (at least 10,000 milliamperes)
• 4 wires for deactivation
• External output (optional )
• Sirens 90db
• Net Weight: 1.6kg

The device includes:
• Bomb simulator
• Cable ( charge )
• User's guide

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