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Li ion 6000MaH

up to 10H

200 x 145 x 78 mm

1. Description

The device is a plastic box with a Display, a keyboard and 2 buttons. Also the case has the power button and socket connectors for the battery. The device allows using 2 game modes in different configurations and settings.

Dominance allows playing games in point capture and hold mode. At the end of playing time, the system summarizes the time for each team and determines the winner according to the result of withholding.

Sabotage allows configuring the timer so that the longer an active timer to one team, the more penalty time will be added to the opposing team. In addition, it’s possible to activate the timer reset at each deactivation.

The device is a simulator of the countdown and used in organizing airsoft  and paintball events, tactical training, corporate and entertainment events.

Delivery kit

1. Domination box – 1unit;

2. Cable for charging a kit – 1cable.

 Technical support

It’s important to carefully treat all elements of a kit for normal operation of the equipment. It’ necessary to prevent getting moisture inside the case, to charge the battery in a timely manner. The charging a kit is made using the charging cable. It’s needed to avoid blows.

Our products are produced and sold for recreational and non-lethal gameplay and training purposes. Any modification of a Intelarms device or its components violates our customer agreements and removes all liabilities of Intelarms or our affiliates.