Add a bomb to your paintball, airsoft, laser tag or military scenario play!

Intelarms bomb devices keep the arming and defusal strategies realistic and also forces the pace of the action moving forward. Key-protected devices prevent players from resetting or turning off our bomb props, keeping players accountable throughout the scenario. Separate arming and disarming codes are changeable within the admin menu which is also password protected to keep players from making in-game changes or "cheating".

The versatility of our devices allows us to custom program features into your own personal bomb prop. Customize codes, detonation time limits, messages and more. Enter the battlefield with a simulated explosive device that works exactly how you need it to. No more limitations with cheap hobbyist-made timers, quieter sirens, and inferior craftsmanship. Our bomb props will take your mil-sim gaming scenarios to new levels.

Bomb Props for Paintball, Airsoft, Military, Laser Tag & Movie/Cinema

Our products are produced and sold for recreational and non-lethal gameplay and training purposes. Any modification of a Intelarms device or its components violates our customer agreements and removes all liabilities of Intelarms or our affiliates.